Factors Associated with Knee in Youth Soccer Players

Posted on: April 22nd, 2021 by Our Team

Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world, with its origins tracing back to the second half of the 19th century in the United Kingdom. Widely prevalent in Europe, the sport has also increased in popularity in the United States.

A recent study was published in Orthopaedic Journal of Sports Medicine investigating the relationship between clinical factors and knee in youth soccer players. Over six hundred soccer players were included, ranging in age from 8 to 12. Data was collected on their body mass index (BMI), years of play, playing position and training hours per week.

The authors found knee pain was reported by 29.4% of players. Factors such as BMI, position and hours per week was NOT significantly associated with knee pain. Instead, knee pain was associated with older age and more years of play. The authors recommended avoidance of early sport specialization and adequate recovery time between competitive play.

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