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Does strength training prevent injury in marathon runners? A Randomized Study of a Strength Training Program to Prevent Injuries in Runners of the NYC Marathon

Clinical Question: Does a 12-week strength training program decrease the rate of overuse injuries resulting in non-completion? Does this program also improve race finish time? Research Update… Source: Sports Health, first published October 23, 2019 Bottom Line There is more


Does PRP help chronic tennis elbow? Efficacy of Platelet-Rich Plasma for Chronic Tennis Elbow: A Double-Blind, Prospective, Multi-Center, Randomized Controlled Trial of 230 Patients

Clinical Question: What is the clinical value of tendon healing with PRP in patients with chronic tennis elbow? Research Update… Source: AJSM, first published July 2013 Bottom Line At 24 weeks, clinically meaningful improvements were found in patients treated with more


The common psychological barriers patients experience after ACL surgery Psychological Barriers After ACLR: A Clinical Review of Factors Influencing Postoperative Success

Clinical Question: Do psychosocial factors following ACL injury directly influence at individual’s decision to return to sport following ACLR? Research Update… Source: Sports Health, first published August 30, 2019 Bottom Line Psychosocial factors relative to injury are important more