Individualized Treatment


Colorado Sports Medicine & Orthopaedics (COSMO) is founded on the belief that a treatment plan should be specific and customized to the needs of each patient.  Based on your condition, the COSMO team will expertly outline the appropriate treatment plan options, whether those be surgery, rehabilitation or a course of regenerative medical therapy.  The surgeons’ expertise in rehab and recovery make them uniquely qualified to identify when surgery does not need to be the first-line therapy.

Clinical Conditions and Surgery

If surgery is indicated, the COSMO surgeons employ state-of-the-art minimally invasive arthroscopic techniques.  Drs. Logan and White have adopted and adapted the most advanced, evidenced-based techniques they each learned by training at the most prestigious sports medicine fellowships, and have personalized through their years of practice.  Learn more about our primary areas of care:

Regenerative Medicine

COSMO utilizes Regenerative Medicine therapies in both the operative and non-operative settings. These therapies are used during surgery to optimize the surgical healing process and as an adjunct to physical therapy with those injuries being managed more conservatively. COSMO physicians offer Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) which uses the patient’s own blood to spark the body to begin healing injured tissue. With modern technological advances, our surgeons are able to concentrate the appropriate blood cells and inject the PRP directly into the injured area.  Learn more about the COSMO Biologics Lab and Regenerative Medicine.


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