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Personalized Rehabilitation

COSMO recognizes that in some situations a non-invasive approach is the best first-line therapy.  In these cases, the COSMO physicians leverage data gathered from COSMO Fit Lab testing to design a personalized rehabilitation treatment plan to be discussed directly with the patient’s physical therapist.  The COSMO surgeons conduct regular check-ins with the therapist as the protocol is executed to ensure progress and identify the potential need for reassessment.

In the case that surgery is needed, individualized post-surgical rehabilitation programming is essential for optimal recovery.  The COSMO Fit Lab is integral to the development of a surgical rehabilitation plan.  Patients undergo testing throughout their recovery to guide their rehabilitation plan, track their progress and communicate to their rehab provider. COSMO encourages physical therapists, coaches, or trainers to attend assessments whenever possible, as these multi-disciplinary sessions help generate the most successful outcomes.


COSMO Recovery is a unique wellness concept which offers one-on-one sessions with licensed physical therapists to provide clients injury prevention and recovery assistance. Professional and recreational athletes understand the importance of recovery in optimizing their performance and health, and to accelerate recovery.  Recovery services improve your body’s maneuverability, increase circulation, reduce pain and soreness, and enhance your well-being.  Such tools have become a staple of the modern professional sports locker room, and COSMO has brought them to their patients.


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